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What should I consider in dental treatment Turkey?

There are some items that the patients should pay attention when they have dental treatment in Turkey.

Here are some of them;

  • Dental Clinic selection is important. Take your time and make a proper search about their services.
  • Do not focus on cost or prices. Prices are more and less close to each other for the same dental treatments in Turkey. Make sure you will get the right treatment. You will pay less anyhow compared to your country.
  • Which material will be use in your dental treatment,
  • Which items are included in the price. Most of time price covers all your expenses.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask if there is any additional charge apart from the price offer
  • Ask for treatment period. Some treatments can take more than one session or it may required to come Turkey 2 times.
  • Tell your all medical conditions such as diabetics etc.
  • Do not forget to mention about all your historical dental treatments,


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