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Porcelain Dental Crowns in Turkey

Treatment Summary

Operation Lenght
5-8 Hours
Local Anesthesia
Hospital Stay
Full Recovery
1-7 Days
Return to Work
Life Time Warrity
Luxury Hotel
VIP Transfer

Porcelain Dental Crowns Turkey

Porcelain dental crowns Turkey have apply to the patients in the high quality standards. Oral care is very important for everyone. Aesthetic look is also as important as dental health. To do that, Porcelain dental crowns Turkey is a useful and widespread method in dental treatment.

Each year many foreign patients comes to Turkey to get that treatment. To be first in their choice is many dental treatments can be provided in an excellent quality and service standards. All their needs such as accommodation, hotel, transportation etc. of our foreign patients as addition to their dental treatment, provided to them without any extra charge. Eventually, after buying their package, our patients enjoy with their service provided by professional and specialist staff.

What is Porcelain Dental Crown?

There are different methods to have natural and aesthetic look in dental area. Porcelain dental crowns are one of the most preferred material among those methods. This application use a crown made of porcelain to place it on the top of original teeth. This crown produces specially to the each patient. Tooth color of the patients is also considered  in dental application. Porcelain is a well known and widely used material in dental crowns.

Porcelain Dental Crowns Turkey
Types of Porcelain Dental crowns

Types of Porcelain Dental crowns

There are many different materials in dental crowns. Ceramic, Zirconium, Gold, Pressed ceramic, E-max etc. Porcelain material can be used by itself or a supportive material in dental crowns. Porcelain is also a material for ceramic crowns. Porcelain material has natural and aesthetic look so it has widespread use in dental crowns. We can group porcelain dental crowns or dental crowns supported with porcelain as;

  • All-Porcelain Crowns
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns
  • Zirconia Crowns (Zirconium covers by an aesthetic of porcelain crowns)
  • E-Max Crowns (Type of a ceramic crown)
  • All Ceramic crowns;
  • Pressed Ceramic crowns
  • Laminate Veneer crowns

Choice of dental crowns’ material and type pay attention to number of missing teeth, need of dental bridge etc.


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What is difference between Ceramic and Porcelain dental crowns?

Porcelain is specific type of ceramic that is commonly used for dental crowns. If someone refer to the ceramic crown, the material refers to porcelain.

What is the difference between Dental Veneers and Dental crowns?

They both aims to restore your teeth. Veneers covers only the front of your tooth but dental crowns covers your entire tooth.

Am I suitable for Porcelain Dental Crowns?

Porcelain dental crowns is the most preferred material when the patients have aesthetic concerns too.  Patients who does not happy with his/her dental appearance prefer porcelain dental crowns. Some patients prefers that treatment due to cross teeth problems that they have. This treatment may not be ideal if the patient has advance level of cross teeth problem. Dentist and patient makes the final decision.  Patients must be 18 years old or older to get this treatment.

What is difference between Ceramic and Porcelain dental crowns?
How is the Porcelain Dental Crowns Procedure?

How is the Porcelain Dental Crowns Procedure?

Process mainly is;

  • Clean the teeth in advance to porcelain dental crown application
  • Reshape the original teeth
  • Take the dental impression of the patient
  • Temporary teeth produce via a mold
  • Temporary teeth apply and make related adjustments
  • Final dental crown produce and place it on the original teeth.

When do we need Porcelain Dental Crowns?

Everyone deserve a healthy tooth and better smile to be look younger, handsome or beautiful. Porcelain dental crowns is best way to get it. Here are the common dental problems to get this treatment;

  • Cross Teeth problems
  • Missing teeth problems
  • Broken, cracked or chipped teeth problems
  • Discolored, small or misshape teeth problems
  • Stain on teeth problems.

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Enjoy your holiday
4 Enjoy with your holiday

You can discover the city, take city tours and enjoy with Turkish Cuisine after your treatment completed. Turkey offers you historical places, beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, delicious foods and more.

What are the advantages of Porcelain dental crowns?

Porcelain made crowns are most preferred crowns due to their advantages.  Advantages of Porcelain dental crowns are;

  • Durability,
  • Easy to shape and gives best result in short period
  • Aesthetically suitable materials
  • Short application period
  • Plaques and tartars can not hold on the porcelain.
  • Looks as your natural teeth

What are the disadvantages of Porcelain Dental Crowns?

Main disadvantages of porcelain dental crowns is related to habits of patient. Patients can have problems when they do not have proper oral care or they get the wrong treatment. Here are some disadvantages of it;

  • Porcelain can be damaged if you bite hard foods without any control
  • Original teeth can be decay under the crown
  • Dental crown may be displaced because of improper cement use.
  • Patient can have cold or hot sensitivity
  • Patients can have pain if they have sensitive gums
  • Patients can show an allergic reaction against to material use.
What are the advantages of Porcelain dental crowns?
Porcelain Dental Crown Aftercare

Porcelain Dental Crown Aftercare

To keep your beauty you have gained through porcelain dental crown treatment, you must pay attention to some points. Those points are;

  • Brush your teeth 2 times per day
  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Change your diet. Do not consume hard foods.
  • Consult your dentist if you feel any pain

Cost of Porcelain Dental Crowns Turkey

Come for cure does not recommend to give a price before examine the patient. Each patient has different needs therefore price will be different. However Cost of Porcelain Dental Crowns Turkey are reasonable in general. Cost will be changed also according to type of material. Some patients may need additional treatments. All can change the price of that treatment. Final price can be given after an examination perform by a dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Type of material is the key point to identify the life of the dental treatment. The next important point is the level of patients’ care. So, the life of porcelain dental crowns is changeable.  Average life is between 15-20 years. You can have longer life with the proper care of them.

There are some reasons to prefer porcelain crowns. This material is absolutely aesthetical and natural look. It is durable and easy to use. The material gives high level of comfort that is very closed to original teeth of the patient.

Live texture and color of the porcelain material is also another reason to choose it. Material do not hold stains and material structure has a harmony with gums. Those are the reason to use that material in dental crowns.

Patients prefer that treatment since it does not take too long. That is also one of the main advantages of that dental treatment. Treatment periods depends on number of teeth and other required treatments. Average treatment period can between 1-3 weeks. Time period can be shorter or longer depends on matters dentist will be faced.

The answer is no. Patients can have a temporary light pain right after the treatment but this disappears in 2-3 days.

However patients can have some tooth decays. Those can cause some pains. So the dentist treat those problems in advance to dental crown placement.  Original teeth must be healthy to place the dental crown on the top of it.

Patients must take care of their teeth properly otherwise they can have tooth decays in the long term. This can cause pain and sensitivity on the teeth. Please contact with you dentist in those circumstances.

Porcelain Dental Crowns Turkey has international quality standards in dental treatments.


Patient Testimonials

The impressions of our patients about the completed treatment processes.

It was a place that cared a lot about my health. After the treatment, I recommended it to everyone. They're very clean and very caring.
Adam Evans
England , 2022
Comefore has great dentists. They are really friendly. A special thanks to Mr.Burak. I drink too much coffee and I smoke a lot. This is my second time. I always stop by and get teeth whitening service when i visited to Istanbul. I feel very safe with them. I stopped going to dentist in the Yorkshire anymore. Half of that price, i go to Turkey for dental treatment and holiday. :-) :-)
Maria Merry
England , 2022
I am from Sao Paulo. I know Turkey from the football but i did not know them very good at dentistry. I was planning to go to USA but then i discovered Istanbul and Turkey for that treatment. I had facelift dentistry great vacation. I feel like i was reborn. I had cross bite and other dental problems. If you do not live with this problem you probably have no idea what i mean. Process went as it planned. I bought all inclusive package so you do not need to worry anything about it. Staff was responsive and very good at their job.
Mıa Clark
Brazil , 2022
I came from Doha to got my veneers . They have many options. Zirconium, Porcelain, Laminates etc. You can choose the best option. The clinic is clean, modern and the staff are professional and experienced. They are very good at listening to you. They also replied quickly my requests even for out of working hours. I felt great about that. I absolutely recommend. Thank you Comeforcure, I love my new smile!
Michael Gere
Qatar , 2022
After a very long search, i decided to choose Come for cure in Turkey to get my dental implants. I had 3 criterias. Flight time from UK, prices and dentist&clinic quality. They all great. You will not be disappointed. Special Thanks to my dentist. I have much confidence when i smile now.
Jack Mary
England , 2022
L'hôtel était merveilleux. M. Adem était plus intéressé et Mme Hülya a prêté attention à tous les détails. J'ai eu mon sourire de rêve.
Marlon Mateo
France , 2021
Thanks guys. You are brilliant and do a great job. Pre consultation, transfer, hotel and treatment, all was great. I advised them everyone. You have changed my smile and my life. I was not able to afford only one teeth in my country but you treated all my dental problems for the same price. Thanks again. By the way entertainment package was super satisfying.
Emila Eilish
Dubai , 2022
I am from Birmingham. We have experineced dentists in here but they have long waiting list and extremly expensive compare to Turkey. Since a lot of people around me goes to Turkey for dental treatments, i did the same thing. I had new veneers and my smile totaly changed now in 5 days. (They give appointment after 3 months in UK). Rather than the price, what i like in Turkey, Dentists talk with the patient and provide options to them. It is great to choose. They are not pushy. 5 star from me.
Neil Woodson
Great Britain , 2022
I was not able to go to dentist regularly in Alabama. It is expensive and have no social security to cover it. I have lost almost all my teeth during past years because of that. My teeth was terrible. I looked for solution in my country but it was impossible to afford. Dentists asked 25-30 k for it. A Turkish friend of mine mentioned about dentistry in Turkey. I arranged my flight and get my job done. Total cost was around 5k in Turkey and including everything. Thanks for this. I love them.
Kevin Open
Alabama , 2021
I am from Dublin. I had so many questions in my mind about dental treatment in Turkey. Yes prices are reasonable but what about the service, hygiene and quality etc. I read the comments made researhes on internet. Finally i get free online consultation. I need 4 implants and dental crowns. I get my price offer. Price was satisfying but i am impressed about their approach and care during the processed. Comeforcure kept all promises. Clinics, Transfers, Hotel etc. All was great. Now, i am happy with my treatment.
jack dawson
Ireland , 2022
Hej Hej. I loved their total treatment approach. Your all dental treatments, hotel, transportation and bonus holiday. Everything is included. Dental treatment is perfect. Dentists and clinics are perfect. All team members are friendly and helpful. Hotel and other services are extremly satisfied. This service also comes with extremly cheaper prices compared Denmark. By the way, social security does not cover my smile design in Denmark. I re-borned with those teeth. Thanks Mr. Adem and Thanks Come for cure.
Alice Bronte
Denmark , 2021
Finally my dental treatment completed. My treatment took little bit longer because of other required treatments. I flew from Bristol, UK and finished everything in 10 days. I am so suprised how Turkey become that much advance in dental treatments. I was not able to get that treatment in UK. It takes longer and 2-3 times more expensive. Thanks Comeforcure team.
Alex Bacon
England , 2022
My full mouth implant and Zirconium treatment finished 1 week ago. Congrats Comeforcure. The result is great. Even looks better than pre smile design picture. Thanks my dentist Dt. Merve and her team.
Emily Evans
Hong Kong , 2022
Thank you my Dentist Mr. Ahmet. He is calm and makes empathy with the patient. I felt so safe during the operation. I am even not mentioning about his expertise. I did not even understand that he finished with the operation. Clinis is super hygienic and all services are beyond my expectations. I am truely satisfied. I recommend them. You can have dental treatments without any hesitations.
England , 2022
I always want to have a smile like movie stars and it became real with Come for cure. It is too expensive dental aesthetic in my home country. They oferred me optimum solution. I love it. From beginning till seeing me off from airport everything was satisfying. Thanks for everytihng Come for Cure..
Alaettin Iyisan
Turkey , 22 May 2022
I am writing that comment After 3 months passed I got my treatment via Come for cure in Turkey. I had dental problems after pregnancy. Looked for solution at internet. My friends told me Turkey is well known Country in that things. Process was easy. Now, Everyday i feel greater when i look at the mirror. My friends and family loved my new teeth.
Basar Uyanik Kocak
Turkey , 22 May 2022
I came from Sweden. Thanks for everything. It worth to every penny i have spent for my teeth. They have great dentists. I highly recommend them.
Yusuf Hawadleh
Sweden , 29 May 2022
I live in US. My friend recommended Come for cure to me. She had veneers. They were look great. I was jealous of her teeth. I wrote them on WhatsApp and they replied to me immediately. They aswered all my Questions. I fly to İstanbul. They have everything. I had still hesitations about Hygiene and dentists professionality in Turkey before ı arrive but everything was beyond my expectations. Hygiene standards are at international level. I left Turkey as happy patient.
Hula İyisan
USA , 22 May 2022

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