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Dental Filling in Turkey

Treatment Summary

Operation Lenght
5-8 Hours
Local Anesthesia
Hospital Stay
Full Recovery
1-7 Days
Return to Work
Life Time Warrity
Luxury Hotel
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Dental Filling Turkey

Dental filling Turkey is a professional area in dentistry. Dental filling is one of the dental treatment method to restore the teeth. Treatment gives ideal results if you have tooth decay, broken or cracked teeth. Dental filling in Turkey performs by professional dentist.

Cost of dental filling depends on used material however treatment by itself has price advantage compared to other treatments. Dental fillings is a very old treatment method and method use for ages to avoid teeth loss . Life time of a dental fillings may vary from material to material but average life is around 10 years with a good oral care.

Turkey offers you a total service in dental treatment.  Professional and experienced dentists provide permanent treatments to the patients using by quality equipment’s.

Dental filling Turkey promise a optimum solution to foreign patients through the advantages and benefits of Health Tourism. A lot of patients who suffers from their dental problems  and lives in  different countries in the world, come and get their dental treatments in Turkey.  Turkey is the best choice of the foreign patients as it offers professional dentists, cost advantage and quality material and equipment use.

Dental Filling Turkey
 What is Dental Filling?

What is Dental Filling?

Tooth decay is the most common dental problems among the patients.  Dental filling is a process to clean the decays and filling the hole or cavity by special material to recover the teeth. Dental filling use different materials to fill the teeth. Important element is teeth structure in the that treatment method.

To have long life dental filing requires to use filling material compatible with teeth structure. In some cases root canal treatment needs to be done before the dental filling treatment to save the teeth. Dental filling will restore the teeth cavities after the root canal treatment.

What cause the Tooth Decay?

Foods and drinks contains sugar and starches feed the bacteria. Those harmful bacteria in your mouth make acids and those acids attack to the tooth enamel. In case of repeated acid attacks cause weakness in the enamel. This resulted as tooth decay. This leads to a hole that calls tooth cavity.

How is the Dental Filling Turkey process?

Please see  the steps  below for dental filling Turkey that has 100% success rate and performed by professional dentist;

After the examination done by dentist dentist;

  • Local anesthesia apply to patient
  • Dentist perform to clean all tooth decays
  • Fill the cleaned area and cavities by special material
  • Use special tools to harden the filling material
  • Dentist check the alignment of teeth and make sure filling is compatible with the other teeth.
  • Dental filling trimmed and corrected if it cause a disconformity in the patients mouth.

Process of Dental filling Turkey is basically contains those steps. Come for cure has 100% success rate in dental filing via using quality and personalized material for each patient. Come for cure has ability to perform professional dental filling service with the support of experience in the sector.

How is the Dental Filling Turkey process?

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Am I the Good Candidate for Dental Filling?

Am I the Good Candidate for Dental Filling?

Final decision will made after examination by dentist however dental fillings can perform in many cases. Tooth decays, tooth restoration makes you the best candidate for dental fillings. Dental fillings may also needed to fill the teeth cavities after the root canal treatment. In case you have any of that matters, it makes you good candidate for dental filling. Dental filling is also best solution for the broken or cracked teeth problems caused by a trauma or accident.

When is dental filling necessary?

Apart from treatment of tooth decays, Here are some cases that dental filling is necessary;

  • To restore the teeth structure
  • To protect the pulp in the root canal treatment
  • To treat the broken teeth after a trauma
  • To replace the old dental filling with the new one

Dental Filling Material Types

Dental filling materials are diversified via development in technology and dental treatments.  We have different type of materials according to patients’ teeth and mouth structure now whereas we have only 1 or 2 type materials in the past. Different type of materials allow us to apply dental fillings to every patient. Here are the main filling materials use in dental fillings.

Amalgam (Silver) Dental Filling Material

Nowadays, this type of filling material is not a commonly preferred material. Amalgam filling material is also known as silver among the people.  Amalgam mostly use for the back teeth since the material is durable for high pressures and it is not visible. Due to their metallic, grey and dark color , it is not the best option for the visible areas.

Composite Dental Filling Material

Due to natural appearances, composite materials preferred material. It also known as white fillers, beam fillers or laser fillers. Beyond the treatment of tooth cavity, composite fillers are also use for treatment of cracked or broken teeth. Composite fillers are easy to apply in one session and it has lower cost. Those type of fillings is not very strong and less durable compared to other materials such as amalgam fillers and this is the only disadvantage of this material. This material preferred according to type of teeth. Composite fillers can be wear down during the time pass. Their average life can be between 3-10 years

Dental Filling Material Types


Porcelain fillers is the most common preferred filling material among the dentists and patients. Porcelain fillers are resistant to color changes and keep the stains away from the teeth.  Porcelain fillers  offers long life and durability to the patients even though the porcelain filler are expensive than the other fillers. This is also another reason to choose them. Porcelain fillers prepared in labs specifically for each patient’s dental measurements.. Materials apply by cementing to teeth


Gold fillers are bio-compatible and long-lasting fillings. Gold fillers are durable but they are expensive and can not be matched to the color of the other teeth,

Inlays and Onlays

Rather than direct restorations, dentist may apply indirect restorations. In this technique dental filling will be produce by lab technician outside of the mouth using by dental impressions. Dental impression is negative imprint of teeth and soft tissues in the mouth that allows lab technician to produce a copy of exact size dental filling.

Onlays filling covers  cusp of the teeth, whereas inlay fills the only area between the cusps.

Direct restorations can be finish in session but indirect restorations required 2 session at least.

Inlays or Onlays dental fillings are more convenient and suitable fillings but it takes more time to get it.

How We Work?

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Starting to Treatment
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Our professional dentists will start your treatment within the same day. Our clinics accredited by Ministry of Health in Turkey.

Enjoy your holiday
4 Enjoy with your holiday

You can discover the city, take city tours and enjoy with Turkish Cuisine after your treatment completed. Turkey offers you historical places, beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, delicious foods and more.

Pediatric Dental Fillings

Dental fillings is a process to recover teeth by cleaning tooth decays and filling the tooth cavity. Tooth decays is the most common dental problems in the kids. If the cavity has reached the dentin (the area under the tooth enamel) filling will be needed. Regardless of age, kids can ben needed pediatric dental fillings based on dentist examination. Professional dentist will return your kids’ teeth back to healthy and alive condition. Local anesthesia can be apply during Pediatric dental fillings.

Dental Filling Aftercare

  • Do not bite your tongue or lips or squeeze your teeth in order to understand to passing of anesthesia.
  • Do not use your dental filling to bite hard foods
  • Perform a good oral care
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours if you have amalgam fillers
Pediatric Dental Fillings
Dental Filling Prices in Turkey

Dental Filling Prices in Turkey

Price for dental filling treatment can not be an exact and fix price.  Dental fillings price can be different based on material and patients’ mouth and teeth structure.  Dental filling prices in Turkey offers you advantageous prices  and long lasting dental fillings. Dental filling may be required for one or more tooth decays therefore price for dental filling in Turkey depends on number of dental filling.  Dentist experience is also another factor in the  price of dental filling. Nevertheless, a successful dental filling does not come with high cost in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental filling does not hurt during the treatment since dentist applies local anesthesia to the patient. It is normal to have temporary and slight pain after the dental filling treatments. This pain will continues for 1 or 2 days. Dentist can prescribes you painkillers. Pain causes by treatment process on the teeth itself not because of dental fillings.

It is hard to give an exact time but in general a dental filling takes an hour. This time depends on;

  • Number of teeth,
  • Required other dental treatments such as root canal treatment
  • Filling material
  • Type of teeth,
  • Type of dental filling

Exact time can be given after the medical examination.

Dental fillings can be use for many years. Average life can be between 3 to 10 years. In some cases dental fillings can be survive more than 10 years. Life of the dental fillings can be different based on the filling material. A good oral care is also provide you long life in dental fillings.

All dental filling materials are safe with the development in technology and experienced dentists. The key point is to choose best option for your dental filing. Dental filling can be vary for each patients’ mouth and teeth structure.  You can find the safest Tooth filling option with the help of a dentist consultation.

Come for cure offers you professional dentist and safe dental filling Turkey by providing variety of dental filling material options.


Patient Testimonials

The impressions of our patients about the completed treatment processes.

It was a place that cared a lot about my health. After the treatment, I recommended it to everyone. They're very clean and very caring.
Adam Evans
England , 2022
Comefore has great dentists. They are really friendly. A special thanks to Mr.Burak. I drink too much coffee and I smoke a lot. This is my second time. I always stop by and get teeth whitening service when i visited to Istanbul. I feel very safe with them. I stopped going to dentist in the Yorkshire anymore. Half of that price, i go to Turkey for dental treatment and holiday. :-) :-)
Maria Merry
England , 2022
I am from Sao Paulo. I know Turkey from the football but i did not know them very good at dentistry. I was planning to go to USA but then i discovered Istanbul and Turkey for that treatment. I had facelift dentistry great vacation. I feel like i was reborn. I had cross bite and other dental problems. If you do not live with this problem you probably have no idea what i mean. Process went as it planned. I bought all inclusive package so you do not need to worry anything about it. Staff was responsive and very good at their job.
Mıa Clark
Brazil , 2022
I came from Doha to got my veneers . They have many options. Zirconium, Porcelain, Laminates etc. You can choose the best option. The clinic is clean, modern and the staff are professional and experienced. They are very good at listening to you. They also replied quickly my requests even for out of working hours. I felt great about that. I absolutely recommend. Thank you Comeforcure, I love my new smile!
Michael Gere
Qatar , 2022
After a very long search, i decided to choose Come for cure in Turkey to get my dental implants. I had 3 criterias. Flight time from UK, prices and dentist&clinic quality. They all great. You will not be disappointed. Special Thanks to my dentist. I have much confidence when i smile now.
Jack Mary
England , 2022
L'hôtel était merveilleux. M. Adem était plus intéressé et Mme Hülya a prêté attention à tous les détails. J'ai eu mon sourire de rêve.
Marlon Mateo
France , 2021
Thanks guys. You are brilliant and do a great job. Pre consultation, transfer, hotel and treatment, all was great. I advised them everyone. You have changed my smile and my life. I was not able to afford only one teeth in my country but you treated all my dental problems for the same price. Thanks again. By the way entertainment package was super satisfying.
Emila Eilish
Dubai , 2022
I am from Birmingham. We have experineced dentists in here but they have long waiting list and extremly expensive compare to Turkey. Since a lot of people around me goes to Turkey for dental treatments, i did the same thing. I had new veneers and my smile totaly changed now in 5 days. (They give appointment after 3 months in UK). Rather than the price, what i like in Turkey, Dentists talk with the patient and provide options to them. It is great to choose. They are not pushy. 5 star from me.
Neil Woodson
Great Britain , 2022
I was not able to go to dentist regularly in Alabama. It is expensive and have no social security to cover it. I have lost almost all my teeth during past years because of that. My teeth was terrible. I looked for solution in my country but it was impossible to afford. Dentists asked 25-30 k for it. A Turkish friend of mine mentioned about dentistry in Turkey. I arranged my flight and get my job done. Total cost was around 5k in Turkey and including everything. Thanks for this. I love them.
Kevin Open
Alabama , 2021
I am from Dublin. I had so many questions in my mind about dental treatment in Turkey. Yes prices are reasonable but what about the service, hygiene and quality etc. I read the comments made researhes on internet. Finally i get free online consultation. I need 4 implants and dental crowns. I get my price offer. Price was satisfying but i am impressed about their approach and care during the processed. Comeforcure kept all promises. Clinics, Transfers, Hotel etc. All was great. Now, i am happy with my treatment.
jack dawson
Ireland , 2022
Hej Hej. I loved their total treatment approach. Your all dental treatments, hotel, transportation and bonus holiday. Everything is included. Dental treatment is perfect. Dentists and clinics are perfect. All team members are friendly and helpful. Hotel and other services are extremly satisfied. This service also comes with extremly cheaper prices compared Denmark. By the way, social security does not cover my smile design in Denmark. I re-borned with those teeth. Thanks Mr. Adem and Thanks Come for cure.
Alice Bronte
Denmark , 2021
Finally my dental treatment completed. My treatment took little bit longer because of other required treatments. I flew from Bristol, UK and finished everything in 10 days. I am so suprised how Turkey become that much advance in dental treatments. I was not able to get that treatment in UK. It takes longer and 2-3 times more expensive. Thanks Comeforcure team.
Alex Bacon
England , 2022
My full mouth implant and Zirconium treatment finished 1 week ago. Congrats Comeforcure. The result is great. Even looks better than pre smile design picture. Thanks my dentist Dt. Merve and her team.
Emily Evans
Hong Kong , 2022
Thank you my Dentist Mr. Ahmet. He is calm and makes empathy with the patient. I felt so safe during the operation. I am even not mentioning about his expertise. I did not even understand that he finished with the operation. Clinis is super hygienic and all services are beyond my expectations. I am truely satisfied. I recommend them. You can have dental treatments without any hesitations.
England , 2022
I always want to have a smile like movie stars and it became real with Come for cure. It is too expensive dental aesthetic in my home country. They oferred me optimum solution. I love it. From beginning till seeing me off from airport everything was satisfying. Thanks for everytihng Come for Cure..
Alaettin Iyisan
Turkey , 22 May 2022
I am writing that comment After 3 months passed I got my treatment via Come for cure in Turkey. I had dental problems after pregnancy. Looked for solution at internet. My friends told me Turkey is well known Country in that things. Process was easy. Now, Everyday i feel greater when i look at the mirror. My friends and family loved my new teeth.
Basar Uyanik Kocak
Turkey , 22 May 2022
I came from Sweden. Thanks for everything. It worth to every penny i have spent for my teeth. They have great dentists. I highly recommend them.
Yusuf Hawadleh
Sweden , 29 May 2022
I live in US. My friend recommended Come for cure to me. She had veneers. They were look great. I was jealous of her teeth. I wrote them on WhatsApp and they replied to me immediately. They aswered all my Questions. I fly to İstanbul. They have everything. I had still hesitations about Hygiene and dentists professionality in Turkey before ı arrive but everything was beyond my expectations. Hygiene standards are at international level. I left Turkey as happy patient.
Hula İyisan
USA , 22 May 2022

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