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Teeth Turkey

Turkey hosts many patients each year and offer them a good quality treatment for their teeth in Turkey. Due to price and quality advantage as addition to several other advantages, Teeth Turkey or Teeth in Turkey are the very common search for local and foreign patients in Internet.

Patients prefer to get their teeth done in Turkey due to several reasons;

  • Professional dentistry and clinic options;
  • Professional dentists and clinic staff;
  • Professional tourism service (Hotel, transportation etc.);
  • Affordable price at the higher quality;
  • Easy to reach from many countries;
  • Cheap flight tickets;
  • Offers wide range of treatments;

Where is the best treatment for teeth in Turkey

The answer is Istanbul for your teeth in Turkey. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and Antalya is also knows as top holiday destination together with nice hotels and beaches. There are also big cities such as, Adana, Bursa etc. after Istanbul but Istanbul is the best places for all treatments.

Is Turkey a good place for teeth work?

Absolutely yes. Dentists and Labs in Turkey uses latest dental material and equipment in the world. They are also very advance in dentistry to meet to local and international patients’ treatment need.

Quality of Teeth in Turkey are absolutely fine and we recommend to our patients to get their treatment in Turkey.

How  long does it take to get your treatment of your teeth in Turkey?

Treatment period of your teeth in Turkey depend on your oral condition and the treatment you need. Most of the times, treatment can be finish in 1 visit and between 5-10 days. However, some treatments especially treatments need implants can be required 2 visits and each visit between 5-10 days.

In some cases, patient may need 3 visits especially if the patient need bone grafting or need too many extractions.

Treatment period of your teeth in Turkey may also depend on Clinic capacity and quality, Lab capacity and quality, dentist and medical staff performance and other factors.

Most of the clinics does not prefer to offer treatment to the foreign patients, that requires regular visit to clinics, such as dental bracelet

What should I pay attention for the treatment of my teeth in Turkey?

Dental treatment or health tourism offers the patients to combine holiday and treatment at the same visit. However, that does not mean you will be travel during the whole your duration. Patient will be limited in some areas during their stay related to their treatment. For example;

  • Do not book or prefer  hotels offers you all meal included because you will be limited in terms of food selection due to your dental treatment.
  • This depend of your treatment but you may be limited to use pool or sea.
  • Some treatments such as implant treatment requires use antibiotics and get some rest after treatment.

At the end, you will have a chance to have free times to see the city and enjoy with you holiday but please keep in your mind this will be possible in most cases after getting your treatment done.

Importance of Teeth in Turkey

Teeth in Turkey or teeth in somewhere in the world, are very critical and important element of our body. It is part of our digestive system, helps to form words and huge impact on our psychology by completing our physical appearance. To summarize importance of Teeth in Turkey;

  • As part of our digestive system
  • As part of our voice and it has a function to form the words
  • As part of our physical appearance

Our digestive system starts with our teeth. Without having proper teeth, we are not able to chew the foods to feed ourselves. Lack of teeth, increase the pressure on the other organs of digestive system.

Most of the people do not know but teeth are also shape our voice and words. Without healthy teeth we can not speak, sing, shout properly.

Health teeth are always a good reference a healthy body for the other people. We always look at the people teeth for the first time we met with somebody. Broken, yellowish, uncared, missing teeth always gives negative message to other people regarding your health. In some cases patients can isolate by themselves from the society due to that reason and they even avoid to smile. Healthy teeth are also save your money.

Apart from those;

Healthy teeth in Turkey or in another countries, prevents you from disease such as;

  • Heart disease;
  • Lung infections
  • Kidney problems,
  • Stroke;

At the bottom line all of them above can create huge problems on human psychology.

Can you get false teeth in Turkey?

Then answer is yes but this depend on dentist decision based on your dental condition. False teeth or temporary teeth is a solution to have good looking during the time from your treatment started till get your final teeth.

However, if the patient has not proper dental condition for false teeth such as lack of enough teeth to place it or risking to implants, patients should not be insist about false or temporary teeth in Turkey and they must follow dentist decision.

Can you put me in a sleep during  treatment of my teeth in Turkey?

The answer is yes but this must be done in a fully equipped hospital to take action if something goes wrong.  We recommend to our patients local anesthesia that prevents any pain during the treatment.

Most of our patients have bad experiences with dentists in their home countries therefore most of them has been developed dentist phobia. They think, they will have pain in any case which is not true.

They will be aware of everything during the treatment but they will not feel any pain. We guarantee that to the patient.

Being awake during the treatment also helps to dentist to give best result to you.

Care of Teeth in Turkey

Proper care of Teeth in Turkey or somewhere in the world are very important. Healthy teeth are always good reference for healthy genetic and attract to women or men. Fresh breathe always give good signal about your health to other people

Teeth decays, gum disease, periodontal problems are cause by lack of proper teeth care.

We highly recommend to patients;

  • Brush your teeth twice a day. (At least once a day before sleep)
  • Use floss to clean your teeth
  • Get your treatment when you need. Do not postpone  your dental problems such as tooth decays, root canal problems, missing teeth etc.

Cost of Teeth Turkey

Cost of Teeth in Turkey is affordable compared to most developed countries and the dentistry comes to you with a international standards. Patients pay 1/2, 1/3 of prices compared to prices in their home countries.

Teeth Turkey offers you best treatment and affordable prices compared to other countries in the world.

Since each patient has different dental condition, therefore there is no fix prices for the treatment of your teeth in Turkey. Most of the times, clinics faces price request from the patients without examination. This is not correct and clinics will decline such a requests.


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