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Washing After Hair transplant

Washing after a hair transplant  is related to how a person goes through the process of the operation. Firstly, washing should not be done for the first few weeks after hair transplant . The first two weeks can damage the hair follicles, which can lead to an unsuccessful result.

After the first few weeks, the hair can be washed off. The washing process should not be too frequent. It will be enough to wash it several times a week

STEP 1: Application Of Lotion

After the hair transplant  is performed, the process of crusting on the scalp begins. In order for the peeling to pass faster and soften, lotion should be used before washing.

First of all, lotion is applied to the hair and waited for a while. During this time, the crusting softens. Using it for about two weeks makes it easier to get rid of crusts.

STEP 2: Application Of Shampoo

After using the lotion, you can apply the shampoo directly to the wetted hair, but when shampooing, you can use shampoo with a light massage so as not to damage the scalp.

You should not apply shampoo to the hair immediately after the operation. You can start using shampoo at least two weeks later.

STEP 3: Rinse

Rinsing is the stage of defoaming hair with water after applying shampoo.At this stage, the hair is thoroughly rinsed with water. Also during rinsing, rinsing should be done without much pressure on the scalp.

STEP: 4 Drying

Drying is the procedure performed after rinsing the hair. It is very important here that the hair dryer is not used until a month after the hair transplantation operation. The hair dryer damages the hair. Drying can be done with a soft towel so that the hair is not damaged.

The Third And Fourth Week

You can start washing your hair from the third week after hair transplant .

Starting from the fourth week, the crusting process will be over. You can shorten the process by using the right lotion and shampoo.Transplant  after hair transplantation, recovery will begin. In this process, you can speed up the healing process by paying attention to your personal care.

Is It Washed Everyday After Hair Transplant?

  • After hair transplant , no washing is done immediately. After the second week is over, you can wash your hair 3-4 times a week.
  • transplant  6-8 months after the hair transplant, the recovery is complete, so after this process, you can return to the normal frequency of washing.

When Should The First Washing Be Done?

  • After the hair transplant  operation, the hair should not be washed immediately. This is quite damaging to the hair.
  • At least two weeks after the operation, the hair can be washed.

When Do The Crusts Fall Out After Hair Transplant ?

The crusts that form after hair transplantation transplant  vary from person to person, but usually begin to fall out within 10 days. The use of lotion is very important in this process. The process of exfoliation of crusts is accelerated when you use the right lotion.

What Should Be The Frequency Of Washing After Hair Transplant?

  • Two weeks after the transplant  transplant, you can start washing your hair. 
  • In order for the hair not to be damaged, they need to be washed at least 3 times a week.


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