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How is the Smile Design process in Turkey?

Smile design process start with communicating with the patients. We listen our patients understand their concerns, then we start to make a digital preparation of his/her smile.

We always ask our patients about their opinion. That means our dentist always gives information to our patients to make the right choice for them.

Those advices mostly about;

  • Color selection of teeth,
  • Selection of dental materials,
  • Decision about Gum lines

Our medical staff always informs the patient about the next step at the beginning of each step. This is very important and it build a trust between patient and dentist.

We do not consider our patients as customer. We consider them as a guest and patients therefore their satisfaction is more important than anything.

After deciding treatment method, materials etc. , dentist take an impression and send it to laboratory to produce dental material (dental veneers, dental crowns or dental laminates)

During that period patient can use temporary materials. Dentist

Having with final materials, dentist try them on the teeth. If everything is fine, dentist apply them on the teeth and finish the treatment.


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